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Papers given (invited & commissioned)

January 2010 – ‘Crime and the Media in the UK’. Keynote speech at Panteion University, Athens.

August 5 2009: Euthanasia – analysis in the Debbie Purdy ruling by the House of Lords. BBC News Online. Click here.

April 2008 – ‘Purposeful activities in prison: research findings’ (presentation in German). German Prison Governors’ conference. Wagnitz Seminar. Wiesbaden. 24 April 2008.

January 2008 – Trial by Media: teaching ‘contempt of court’ to non-lawyers’. Annual ‘Learning in Law Conference’, 3 January 2008, University of Warwick.

November 2007 – ‘Britain behind bars: lessons from abroad’. Keynes Forum, Day Conference on prison reform, 17 November 2007, Goodenough College, London. 

June 2007  - ‚Sozialisierung und Rehabilitation im Vollzug: Sind Gefängnisse die Achillessehne unserer Gesellschaft?’ (‘Resocialisation and rehabilitation: are prisons the Achilles-heal of our society?’). Prison Congress, Berlin, Reichstag: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. 29 June 2007, Berlin.

June 2007 – ‘Crime and the Media: what are the British laws on contempt?’ Winning paper at the World Journalism in Education Congress, 19 June 2007, Singapore.

May 2007  - ‘Journalism and the Law in Great Britain’, International Journalism School ‘Erich Brost Institut’, Dortmund University, 8 + 9 May 2007.

September 2006 – German Prison Congress, Straubing, Bavaria.
Keynote address in German: ‘Developments in Prison Industries and
Prisoner Labour: international comparisons’.

May 2006 – International Press Association Congress, Edinburgh.
Presentation of ‘Media Law for Journalists’ book in the presence and by
invitation of Sir Harold Evans, former editor of the Times.

April 2006 – Ministry of Justice, Riga, Latvia: Keynote address
to Ministry of Justice & Prison Administration officials from Estonia,
Latvia and Lithuania on ‘What works in correctional industries:
meaningful work for prisoners.’ 20 April 2006

April 2006: ‘What works in prison industries: prisoner rehabilitation through meaningful work inside.’ 20 April, Riga, Latvia, Ministry of Justice.

August 2005 – ‘Honour Killings: impact on EU countries’. ‘European Union of Women’ Annual Congress, Bern, Switzerland.

December 2004 –‘NOMS – the National Offender Management Service: what does ‚end to end’ offender management mean?’ British Society of Criminology Congress ‘Issues in Community Punishments’, 3 December 2004, Birmingham. UK.

October 2004 – Current Issues in Domestic Violence. European Union of Women, Annual Congress. Berlin. Germany.

June 2004 – Privatisierung im Vollzug: nun auch in Deutschland? (privatisation of prisons: now in Germany too?) – Prison Congress of Land Northrhine Westphalia, Cologne. Germany.

March 2003 – ‘What works in prison programs? European perspectives in prison industrial and educational programs.’ American Correctional Association (ACA) Annual Congress, Denver, Colorado, USA.

November 2002 – ‘Crimes of the privileged: motivational aspects of economic crime’. Annual Compliance Congress, Lloyds TSB Bank. London. UK.

September 2002 – ‘European and international developments of crime and punishment’. European Society of Criminology, Toledo, Spain.

March 2002 – ‘Women and imprisonment’. The Surrey International Women’s Festival. 8 March, Guildford, UK.

February 2002 – ‘European aspects of prison labour and education’. Keynote speech at the Correctional Services of New South Wales Conference, 30 January 2002, Sydney, Australia.

December 2001 - ‘Crime and Punishment’. International Symposium, Southwark Conference, Southbank University. 6 December 2001. UK.

September 2001 – ‘Crime and Punishment 2001’. Mannheim Centre for Criminal Justice, London School of Economics, ‘Changes in Imprisonment’. 19 September, 2001. UK.

February 2001 – ‘Grendon Tales. Therapeutic community prisons in England and Germany.’ Midland’s Centre for Criminal Justice, Loughborough University. 28 February, 2001. UK.

February 2001 – ‘Prison Labour: constructive regimes in prisons.’ The Howard League, Day Conference. 14 February, 2001. London. UK.

November 2000 – ‘Serious and violent offenders at Grendon Prison. Comparing therapeutic community prisons in Europe’. American Society of Criminology [ASC] Annual Congress, San Francisco. 1-8 November, 2000. USA.

November 2000 – ‘Will the new Human Rights Act change the working practices of the Prison and Probation Services?’ Criminal Justice Associates, Inner London Probation Service, 6 Nov. 2000.

June 2000 – ‘Prison privatisation in England, the USA and Germany.’ Keynote speech. EXPO 2000-World Exhibition. Hanover, Germany.

May 2000 – ‘Privatisation of prisoner education in England and the United States’. Keynote speech, Annual Congress, Association of Teachers in Prison. Göttingen. Germany.

November 1999 – ‘Restorative Justice. Current European trends in victim-offender mediation.’ ASC Annual Congress, Toronto, Canada.

May 1999 – ‘Prison privatisation in the UK and the USA‘. Keynote ad-dress given in German, Annual Congress, German Prison Governors’ Association, Hannover, Germany.

October 1998 – ‘Privatisation Explosion: Prison Industries in Europe.’ Keynote speech ACA and Correctional Industries Association (CIA), Annual Congress, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

April 1998 – ‘Prison Industries: findings from a study into prison labour in ten European countries. Keynote speech and workshop leader, European Prison Industries Forum, Stockholm, Sweden.

January 1998 – ‘Key developments in European Prison Industries’, keynote speaker and workshop leader. American Correctional Association (ACA) Winter Congress, San Antonio Texas. USA.

September 1997 – ‘Can the theory of punishment be applied to pre-trial detention?’ Howard League Annual Conference, New College, Oxford. UK.

July 1997 – ‘Prisons for profits? The state of prison industries in Eng-land.’ Joint presentation with Dr. Jon Vagg, British Society of Criminology (BSC), Annual Conference, Queens College, Belfast. UK.

Any further information on papers given, supplied on request.