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Ursula holds a research fellowship in Media Law at the University of Surrey, and continues her research and publications in media law with an extensive list of refereed journals in this field.

She was awarded a Visiting Professorship at the Max Planck Institute, Freiburg, Germany in 2001 for her research into stalking and harassment legislation and continues to publish on the concept of ‘the fear of crime and the media’ and in prisoner labour research. In the criminological field Ursula has a long and esteemed research track record in international prison research and has acted as independent consultant to a number of ministries of justice, such as the HM Prison Service (England/ Wales), the Scottish Prison Service, a number of German ‘Länder’ prison administrations; The Netherlands; Belgium; Italy; Sweden; the Czech Republic; Latvia; Hungary; the USA (federal and state); Canada (Ontario); Australia (New South Wales); the Turks & Caicos Islands (UK) and India.

Her research and consultancies mainly involve correctional (prison) industries and prisoner labour, such as productivity rates, prisoner pay rate and non-monetary incentives.

Ursula publishes widely in refereed academic international journals, including European Intellectual Property Review, Entertainment Law Review, Communications Law Review and Criminal Law and Criminal Justice. She has single authored seven academic textbooks, the main ones being ‘Media and Entertainment Law’ (Routledge); ‘Optimize Public Law’ (Routledge); ‘Media Law for Journalists’ (Sage), ‘Law for Criminologists’ (Sage) and ‘Grendon Tales: stories from a therapeutic prison community’ (Waterside Press). More details on her publications can be found by selecting Publications top left.