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Media and Entertainment Law edition 4 published Winter 2019

Ursula Smartt (2021 forthcoming) Media Law for Journalists. New ed. Routledge.
(2020) Media and Entertainment Law. 4th ed. Routledge. Foreword by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC. ISBN: 9781138479135 (paperback) ISBN: 9781138479128 (hardback). [Watch videos of a book review, and the book launch, from links at the foot of this page].Ursula Smartt (2017) Optimize Public Law. 2nd ed. Routledge. ISBN: 9781138670846

Ursula Smartt (2019) The three Rs: Remorse, Rehabilitation, Right to be forgotten: how de-listing is left up to the courts in NT1 & NT2 and AR v Chief Constable of Greater Manchester. European Intellectual Property Review. 40 E.I.P.R. 2018, pp. 804-811. ISSN 0142-0461.
(2017) ‘The Dark Web’. Magistrates’ Magazine, August (2017) ISSN 00224-9920.
(2017) ‘Are Privacy Injunctions Futile in The Digital Age? Why Scottish Papers Choose to Name the Super Injunction A-Listers - and Why they Cannot not Do so Online’. European Intellectual Property Review. 39 E.I.P.R. 2017 Issue 7. ISSN 0142-0461.
(2017) Reporting Legal Proceedings. Magistrates’ Magazine.
(2017) Are privacy injunctions futile in the digital age? Why Scottish papers chose to name the super injunction A-listers - and why they could not do so online. European Intellectual Property Review (EIPR)
(2015-16) ‘Drones, Privacy and the Law’, Magistrates’ Magazine (MA) Dec 2015/ Jan 2016, pp. 4 – 5. ISSN 00224-9920.
(2015) “Prince Charles’s ‘black spider memos’: How a Guardian Journalist Succeeded in his 10-year Quest under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.” European Intellectual Property Review. E.I.P.R. 2015, 37(8), 529-538. ISSN 0142-0461.
(2015) ‘Why I was right to name the teachers’ teen killer’: naming teenagers in criminal trials and law reform in the internet age.’ Communications Law. Vol 20, No 1, 2015: 5 - 13 ISSN 1746-7616

Baroness Helena Kennudy QC launches Media and Entertainment Law edition 4 December 2019

21 March 2017 Ursula Smartt’s book launch ‘Media and Entertainment Law’, 3rd ed. hosted by New College of the Humanities, Bloomsbury, London with an introduction and foreword by Sir Keir Starmer QC MP.
28 March 2014 Ursula Smartt’s book launch ‘Media and Entertainment Law 2nd ed.’
6 May 2011 Ursula Smartt’s book launch of ‘Media and Entertainment Law’ at the Frontline Club, London: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEwwmrutZks
5 Aug 2009 Expert’s view on assisted suicide ruling. BBC New Online update: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8185253.stm
5 Aug 2009 Analysis: Assisted suicide ruling House of Lords. BBC News Online. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7698636.stm
29 Oct 2008 Assisted dying. Analysis of the suicide ruling in the Debbie Purdy case. BBC online: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7698636.stm
3 Nov 2007 ‘Kranke Witze über Maddie’, Stellungnahme zum Fall von Madeleine McCann in im deutsche Satiremagazin "Titanic", das sich auf einer Doppelseite über die Madeleine-Hysterie lustig macht. Medienrechtlerin Ursula Smartt denkt nach.Tagesspiegel: www.tagesspiegel.de/weltspiegel/-Titanic-Fall-Madeleine;art1117,2411596

Video review: Barrister Phillip Taylor MBE of Richmond Chambers reviews Ursula Smartts' Media & Entertainment Law 4th edition

Video of book launch of Media and Entertainment Law 4th Edition

Stammer & Smartt
Sir Keir Stammer QC launches the third edition of Media and Entertainment Law in 2017.