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Other experience

April 2014        Book launch ‘Media and Entertainment Law 2nd ed’, at St Stephen’s Tavern, Westminster. Opening address by Michael Mansfield QC.

Click on the start button to view a video of the book launch.

April 2013        Prison Photographic Exhibition: Opening of the new high security & remand prison, Frankfurt (JVA Frankfurt 1).
May 2011       Book launch ‘Media and Entertainment Law’ Frontline Club, London, hosted by Routledge/ Taylor Frances publishers. Opening address by Mark Stephens OBE, Media Lawyer. Click here to watch.
April 2008        Prison Photographic Exhibition: judicial college, Ministry of Justice, Land Hessen, Wiesbaden (Wagnitz Seminar ‘Momentaufnahmen’).
Dec 2009         Book launch ‘Law for Criminologists’ John Smith’s bookshop West London University, hosted by Sage Publications.
Nov 2006         Book launch of ‘Media Law for Journalists’, Frontline Club, London, hosted by Sage Publications.
May 2006        Book launch of ‘Criminal Justice’. Waterstone’s Bookshop, Goodge Street, London, hosted by Sage Publications.
May 2006        Book launch of ‘Media Law for Journalists’ hosted by Sir Harold Evans, former editor of the Times, at the International Press Association Congress, Edinburgh.
Aug 2001         Book launch of ‘Grendon Tales’, hosted by Lord Avebury at the House of Lords.  
Jul 2001          Prison Photographic Exhibition: University Library, Thames Valley University. Opening address by His Hon Judge Sir Stephen Tumim. Reviewed in Independent on Saturday Magazine.
Jun – Nov 2000 Prison Photographic Exhibition: World Exhibition, EXPO, Hannover.
Aug 1999         ‘European Woman of the Year’ award (professional category nomination). Grosvenor Hotel, London. 

Completed research projects (funded)

  • Homelessness in Guildford and Freiburg. Comparative analysis. Anglo-German Industrial Foundation, Berlin/ London (2002-03)
  • Prison Industries in Italy. Evaluations. Ministry of Justice, Prison Dept., Rome (1997 and 2003).
  • Suicides and self-harm in European prisons. The European Science Foundation, Brussels (2002).
  • Comparative European stalking and harassment legislation. Max Planck Institute, Freiburg (2001 – 3).
  • Prison Labour and prison industries in ten European countries (plus USA, Canada & NSW) (1996-2002).
  • Therapeutic community prisons. HM Prison Service (1996 – 2001).
  • Religious faiths in prisons. Feasibility study (1998 – 2000).
  • Prison industries and prison labour. Feasibility study. Contracting-out of prison industries under PFI (1996-1999).
  • Prison Inspection HMP Grand Turk, the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. HM Chief Inspector of Prisons. British Overseas Territories (1998).
  • The Prisoners’ Earnings Act 1996: Drafting of legislation as Private Member’s Bill for Hartley Booth (Lab) (1996).
  • European Prison Industries. Evaluation of prison industries in ten European countries (1996-1998).
  • Prison Industries in Scotland. Short evaluation. The Scottish Office, Edinburgh (1997).
  • Prison Industries in Belgium and The Netherlands. Evaluation (1996-1997).
  • Prison Industries and prison privatisation in France. Evaluation (1997).
  • Prison Industries in Germany. Evaluation (1995).